Real Estate Finance Specialist

1. Responsible for the implementation of real estate finance projects, including due diligence, preparation of applications and filings, coordinating and liaison with professionals and regulatory agencies, etc.  

2. Provide customer support, formulate real estate securitization proposals based on customer’s feedback and market demands.

3. Conduct market and industry research, and regularly write market and product analysis reports.

Real Estate Investment Specialist

1. Responsible for industry analysis and industry research, identify high quality proposed investment projects.

2. Complete due diligence, investment value analysis, investment feasibility studies, promote project origination.

3. Design feasible investment strategies and structure, conduct business negotiations and document execution.

4. Responsible for the post-investment management and complementary value-added services. For real estate investment projects, required to supervise and manage the daily operations of the project, including property management, lease management, project management, safety management, etc., and assist in executing the exit options and strategies of the real estate investment.

Capital Market Specialist

1. Responsible for capital markets research and analysis, market-savvy and abreast of policy shifts, etc.

2. Communicate with various financial institutions in the markets, understand their investment objectives and mandates, and conduct research on investment trends.

3. Assist in product sales and fund raising.

Asset Management Specialist

1. Participate in the preparation and continual review of project documents in terms of project restructuring, cash flow analysis, project management scheme and other aspects with a view to enhancing sustainability of the project.

2. Responsible for overseeing the asset management for the REITs project during its term, including supervising and managing the service and service standard of the service providers, auditing the operations of the underlying assets and the financial and tax position and performance of the project company.

3. Responsible for the ongoing disclosures and financial reporting required of the REITs project during its term, including coordinating with the relevant professional parties to issue reports and writing internal asset management reports of the company;

4. Responsible for overseeing the cash flow distribution for the REITs project, including the formulation of the distribution plan, the computation of cash flow, collection and disbursement of the cash flow, etc.


1. Master's degree or above from reputable tertiary institutions in China or abroad, major in real estate, law, finance, accounting and related fields. CPA or CFA holders and those who have passed bar in China are preferred.

2. Thorough and in-depth understanding of real estate securitization, REITs, real estate fund and asset management industry. Strong passion for long-term development in the real estate finance industry.

3. Strong self-starter, self-confident & energetic; Proficient and strong communication skill; Quick learner; Strong judgment and analytical ability; Team player; Competent to work under intense pressure.


The company will provide a competitive remuneration package and deep career

development space and progression for its employees. Interested candidates, may

submit your resume to gsum@gsum.cn. Please indicate in subject of the email

in the following format "Position applied + name". Tel:0086-10-85315638