Real Estate Securitisation
GSUM Fund Management is largely focused on Real Estate Securitisation for REITs. We are the market leader in this area, accounting for around 50% of the total market share. Our core team has continued to lead product innovations, covering almost all landmark REIT deals in the Chinese market. Our peerless capabilities in cross-border real estate securitisation has allowed us to deliver high-quality outcomes to many of our esteemed clients.
Real Estate Investment
GSUM Fund Management covers diversified real estate investments and operates across the entire Real Estate value chain. We have established joint ventures with companies such as Hoshino Resorts, Tokyu Land Corporation and Sungent Holding Group, forming strong partnerships based on “Capital + Assets + Business Management”. We have engineered various funding models such as Strong Statement Funds, Mezzanine Funds and M&A Funds, and have consistently clinched and completed multiple Real Estate Investment projects.
International Business
Leveraging its rich experience and vast resources in Real Estate Securitisation, GSUM Fund Management has adopted a international outlook and is expanded its global footprints. Our team has led and arranged the issuance of various REIT products including several landmark REIT transactions in Singapore and Hong Kong, and we are the only firm in the market whose operations span across all the key stock exchanges in Asia - Singapore Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Chinese domestic interbank market. We have established a subsidiary in Singapore, GSUM-TITANLAND Capital Pte Ltd, to provide professional services in areas such as REITs and Business Trust Listings, Non-listed Real Estate Trusts, Capital Raising, Business Consulting and Capital Markets. Our Singapore office is well-positioned with its outstanding team, excellent partnerships with clients and leading track record.