GSUM Fund Management develops and delivers independent and bespoke real estate financial solutions with a primary focus on REIT products. With Real Estate Securitisation as our core sector, our coverage encompasses all asset classes and is mainly classified broadly under three business segments: namely Real Estate Investment Incubation, Real Estate Securitisation and Financing and Securitised Asset Investment. At the same time, to address business opportunities brought on by increasingdemand and enhancements in the industrial and retail sectors, we continue explore new models of funding for our clients that can strive to optimise synergies between private equity investment and real estate finance. With our team’s extensive experience in real estate finance, we establish front-end platforms for land purchase and storage, land auctions and fund incubation, for assets approaching maturity, leveraging on our strong competencies in ABS and REITs. In addition, we select high-quality products for equity or mezzanine investments, to achieve asset appreciation while managing the risks.
GSUM Fund Management’s core team has deep expertise in the REITs industry. Since the introduction of REITs in China, we have established a leading domestic business segment focusing on Real Estate Securitisation and Real Estate Investment Incubation, as well as an offshore business segment focused on Singapore and ASEAN. Our experienced team is highly-regarded in asset management, capital markets, risk management and compliance. As a group, we have excellent capabilities in cross-border transactions and independent asset management, as well as comprehensive capital market service competencys and strict risk controls and compliance. At present, GSUM Fund Management is the leading Real Estate business organisation in China. With our comprehensive, multi-dimensional and international capabilities, we believe we will be able to deliver core business advantages in the Real Estate sector.